Completed Projects


Completed Projects

Primary School Construction Project

Location: Dovan, Lalitpur

Completion: July 2016

We began our fundraising campaign in early January. Thanks to the interest of travellers worldwide, our community of passionate individuals got together and helped raise a total of over $15,000.

Over 15 volunteers flew from different corners of the world to join our initiative of building a school in Nepal

Then, with the help of a local NGO called CASD-Nepal as well as dozens of Nepali workers, our primary school construction project was completed in just under 2 months. 

Our building structure consisted in iron poles and truss for the roof. Due to the remote location of the village, stones instead of bricks were used to form the walls, as well as metal sheets to complete the structure. Our volunteers transported each material that made up the school all the way to the work site, across a suspension bridge and down into the valley of Dovan.

Volunteers spent their days camped out on the school grounds, were generously fed by the locals and were kept under the company of cheerful villagers and playful children that made all of their work worth the effort.

The two-classroom school could comfortably hold 50 students and is most importantly, it is earthquake-proof. 

For more about the project's weekly progress, check out our blog and follow our videos!


Shelter Building Project

Location: Lalitpur, Nepal

Completion: July 2015

Following the earthquake on April 25th 2015, our Travelling Movement team raised a total of $12,000 and flew to Nepal to help out the small village of Ghusel in the Lalitpur district.

In 3 weeks, we built over 85 bamboo shelters, housing over 500 villagers.

We also donated 60 new school uniforms, creating employment that would sustain a full year of living expenses in Nepal.

To learn more about our project and experience what it's like in Nepal, watch our video!