Build A School, Build An Education

Our goal is to build a primary school in Dovan, a village in the Lalitpur district in Nepal. Only 3 hours south of Kathmandu, this village has still not received support for the damages caused by the earthquake over one year ago.

Join us in raising $15,000 CAD in building materials for this new school.

The school will be built using standard materials such iron, stone and cement. This cost and time effective method of construction is the standard government-approved model for building schools in Nepal. We will be working alongside with CASD-Nepal, a local organization who will ensure the support of their in-field engineer, guaranteeing an earthquake-proof structure.

Construction will begin on May 26th and it will take approximately one month to complete. We will be working with volunteers from across the globe, as well as local skilled workers such as stone masons.

The Impact Of Your Donations

100% of your donations will go directly towards labor costs and building material for the school construction. Our platform charges 0% on donations, and only Paypal's transaction fees are applied. The delivery of funds will be made in person by The Travelling Movement, and the construction will be completed by July 2016.

Join the movement by making a donation now or by joining the fundraising team!

Thank you for considering our initiative!

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