New week, new team, and so much progress! 

During week 2 of our school building project, we brought in a massive and important delivery of materials such as tin sheets for the roof, metal sheets for the walls, metal beams for the frame, the truss for the roof and an extremely heavy 200kg generator!

Here's a video summarizing our hard work this week:

Along with the material delivery, three professional welders from Kathmandu came in to install the roof and walls. Our first mission was to transport each piece of material.

Carrying a truck-load of materials to our worksite was going to be a challenge because the village in which we were constructing the school was across a suspension bridge and through the valley. There was no other method of bringing the materials in except by foot. We knew we would need every pair of hands available. 

Our biggest issue was the 200kg generator that was needed for our professional welders to assemble the walls and truss. With the paid help of some of the local villagers, we were able to get it across to the site. 

Here's the Travelling Movement team collecting materials from the delivery. On the right we have the roof structure and on the left, metal sheets that would make up the walls of our school building.

The school building site was a 15 minute walk from where the materials were deposited. The only way to collect and bring the materials to the village was by walk. So our volunteers took charge and carried a truck-load of equipment for 2km, back and forth.

Our welders got straight to work and within two days we saw immediate progress to the building. Having a roof on our structure meant that our workers can proceed with building when the rain starts kicking in.

The life in the village is quite simple. We filled our days with little pleasures such as making bracelets with the children, drawing mandalas, giggling away and just enjoying the moments.

We were able to witness such incredible progress within the week with our school building. Next step: building the walls!

At our departure the village leader and school teachers smeared us with red powder, a tradition the Nepalis do when sending off their family members, friends and guests. This is a symbol of good luck and prosperous journey.

Thank you to our amazing team of volunteers - for your hard work, your positivity and your inspirational energy!

Tony Nicholson (UK), Elia Rani (Singapore), Caroline McLeod (Australia), Prerna Anilkumar (India), Ryan Velasquez (Canada), Emma Contaoe (Canada) and Milan Koirala (Nepal). 

Special thanks to Elia Rani for the beautiful photos.