After 2 years since the completion of the Elementary school that The Travelling Movement built, we made the trip to Dovan, Lalitpur to see how the school was doing. Myself, Kohila (a volunteer of the project), Prakash from CASD-Nepal (Nepali partner for the project), along with Vicky (long-term supporter of CASD-Nepal) decided to go on a day trip to visit the school.

From Kathmandu, we rented a jeep to take us to the remote village of Dovan. We noticed some progress with the road, and we were able to drive further and closer to the school. It was nice to see that the school was becoming more and more accessible, especially for the children.


Driving through the village roads brought back many memories, especially when we passed a waterhole where the volunteers would go for a swim after a hard day’s work. Finally, our jeep reached the school, and the village leader came to meet us at the Jeep.

We brought with us school supplies, toys, treats and other presents.


The children were lined up in their best behaviour in front of the school, bearing flowers. We were welcomed with a red tikka on the forehead, as well as freshly picked and assembled marigold necklaces, a traditional Nepali way of welcoming guests.


The school was just as we left it 2 years ago, except with a few skid marks on the white walls, which was expected for the wear and tear of a building in Nepal. The general maintenance of the school however was well kept. One classroom was being used at that time, as 20-25 students come to school every day, most of them between the ages of 5 and 10.


We arrived at about 11AM, during the children’s half-day. We quietly observed them during their class, and then distributed the new notebooks and pencils we had bought for them. We then showed them how to use a few toys such as jump ropes, and bouncy balls.


The kids were then let out for some play in the yard. Some were playing board games, others skip rope, and most were playing with balloons we got for them.


We were all pleased with how much fun the children were having and loved seeing them put their toys to good use. We then distributed some candy and chocolate, for both the children and the adults (cause everyone loves a bit of sweets!).


It felt heartwarming to know that we have made a difference in these children’s lives. To know that they now can learn in a safe environment is the best feeling. Our hopes for this school is that more students keep coming. Because of the lower population and lack of funds to build more schools, children must walk for a while to go to school. There is always a way to help improve the villages and provide accessibility to school for the children.


Many schools have the structure, but are missing some amenities such as a water system. Thankfully, with the help of donors from CASD-Nepal’s supporters, a water tap was built for the children in Dovan, pumping fresh water straight to the children’s school yard.


Here are more photos of the school and of our visit. Again thank you for your support!