Taking selfies with the children of Ghusel, Nepal

Taking selfies with the children of Ghusel, Nepal


My name is Emma. I'm a full-time traveller from Canada and founder of The Travelling Movement. I currently run my own adventure travel blog, Active Travlr, and amongst my many passions, including charity work and travelling, I enjoy rock climbing and being in the outdoors. 

Now, enough about me. Let's talk about how The Travelling Movement came to existence.

How The Travelling Movement Came To Life

I visited Nepal for the first time during the Spring of 2014. Anyone that has stepped foot in Nepal will tell you how their first time in the country was love at first sight. The mountains, the people, and the culture simply make you feel connected to the place.

When the earthquake struck on April 25th 2015, I wanted to help out in any way that I could. I immediately set up a crowdfunding campaign called "The Travelling Movement". My goal was to raise $10,000 for villagers who had lost their homes. My promise was to deliver the funds directly to those who were in need. The campaign was extremely successful, and with the extraordinary support of friends and family, the campaign raised over $12,000 CAD.

Turning Donations Into Shelters

In July 2015, I teamed up with two friends to volunteer in rural Nepal. Luckily, I found a small, yet trusting organization called CASD-Nepal who already had a rebuilding project in place at a small village called Ghusel. A part of the funds raised went towards building material for shelters, and another part went towards backpacks and uniforms for the children of Ghusel. The rest of the funds will be allocated for this coming volunteer trip (Spring 2016).

A Spark of Opportunity

During the last 6 months, I noticed a growing interest from my friends and family to visit Nepal. This spark of interest, to me, became an opportunity. I planned on revisiting Nepal and volunteering once again in Spring 2016. Why not get my friends and family involved? 

I decided to send an open invitation with open dates to those with an adventurous soul and a heart of gold, for the opportunity to join me in Nepal in the Spring of 2016 for both a unique trip and volunteer experience in a country that not many think of travelling to (or have even heard about).

Is this trip for me?

If you...

  • have not travelled much but would love to travel more;
  • are intrigued with Nepal and travel in general;
  • have always been interested in volunteering abroad;
  • don't really like big group tours;
  • appreciate structure and organization;
  • want freedom to explore;

...then this trip is for you.





If you...

  • are an experienced traveller;
  • like to go with the flow;
  • love meeting new people;
  • are looking for a genuine local experience; 
  • have a desire to help others and make a difference;

...then this trip is for you too.

So what kind of trip is it then?

This trip is a small-group volunteer tour, where I will coordinate your volunteer trip in the village.

I will be your go-to person for anything Nepal related. I will be there to:

  • recommend you places to stay, whether you are looking to socialize with other people, seek some time to yourself, or want something in between
  • guide you towards awesome local restaurants, the best cafes (with good wifi) and cool spots in the city
  • suggest challenging treks and adventurous activities
  • provide you with travel advice and tips for Nepal
  • be your travel buddy!

ready to make a difference?